Vendor Information


What products does BENTAHAN sell?

There are two requirements: 1) any non-perishable, Filipino-themed product (including digital product) by an original manufacturer/producer, authorized seller or authorized reseller in Canada or USA; 2) it must be shippable with Canada Post or related courier. (Digital products are downloadable).

Note: 1) Bentahan is not liable to any claims of copyright or product infringement or unauthorized selling/reselling by a vendor; 2) Filipino-themed may also refer any product that is popular among Filipinos.


What are the advantages of being a Bentahan vendor?

  • a source of additional income as it can be managed during your free time ( you only ‘work’ when a customer places an order of your product)
  • high-reward, low-risk partnership as you do not pay membership/rental fee in your first year but only share 20% of a product’s retail price when an order is placed (you store the product at your own warehouse – at a physical store or home-based). 
  • a great opportunity especially for small businesses/start-ups that are home-based or have store location to grow their business
  • a great opportunity for pop-up vendors (seasonal/temporary sellers) to sell their products
  • your products/brand will have a bigger market reach as Bentahan products will be sold throughout Canada and the USA
  • a way cheaper alternative to leasing or renting a store location
  • less work in terms of set up as Bentahan has a fully-integrated marketplace


What happens when an order is placed for my product?

  • You will receive a notice of order through your email and it will also be indicated on the Orders tab of your Bentahan vendor account. To fulfill the order, you will need to access your vendor account. Go to 'Orders tab - New Orders' and create a shipping label for the order. When using an integrated courier, make sure that the weight and dimension of the package are the same as the ones indicated on the product shipping details - shipping profile. (You may be charged extra fees by Canada Post at their location for inaccurate package details). 
  • You will then need to have the packaged product ready for shipping with the shipping label taped on it. And, then bring the package to a Canada Post location and it will be scanned and be processed for delivery.
  • You are responsible for the (safe) packaging of the product and making sure the product is the right product and is in best condition. The package must be shipped at the soonest possible time.
  • When packaging and attaching the shipping label, make sure that you don't cover the bar code of the label.
  • You can take a picture of the package being handed to a Canada Post staff or keep a copy of receipt for proof of delivery
  • With the shipping label created at your Bentahan account, you are able to update the progress of the package until it is delivered to the customer. A customer is able to track the package through the ‘Tracking Order’ tab at (bottom of Bentahan's website) or at the courier’s respective website
  • After the package has been received at a Canada Post location, make sure that you update the quantity of your product available for order at the store. This is done through your Bentahan account on 'Products' section. 
  • For digital products, a customer will get a download link after the order has been placed both thru the checkout page and customer email. 


How do I receive my monthly payouts?

  • Bentahan will take 20% of the retail price per product sold while you take the 80%. At the end of the month, with the built-in system for invoice of your total payout (after Bentahan’s total commission removed), Bentahan will do an Interac E-transfer or send an electronic cheque or stripe connect transfer or international money transfer of your total payouts. For example, for a product with a retail price of $20.00, Bentahan takes $4.00 as a commission and the vendor takes the $16.00 as payout. Bentahan pays for the shipping fee (thru an integrated carrier) and is added to the customer’s invoice at Checkout. (Digital products do not have shipping fee). For a total order fee of $40.00 ($20.00 for the product’s retail price and $20.00 for the shipping fee), vendor takes $16.00 while Bentahan takes $24.00. Should a vendor use an external carrier (not integrated with Bentahan), Bentahan only takes the 20% of a product’s retail price. For a total order fee of $40.00 ($20.00 for the product’s retail price and $20.00 for the shipping fee), vendor takes $36.00 while Bentahan takes $4.00.


What happens if a customer wants to exchange or return my product?

  • Depending on your product policy, you may or may not accept return or exchange.
  • Bentahan will notify you thru email should there be a request for exchange or return of your product
  • Bentahan may provide specific return or exchange policy for your products and customers can read and agree to it at the checkout page
  • Customers will be responsible for paying the shipping fee of the returned or exchanged product as well as making sure it's safely packaged (and in its best condition).
  • If it's a return, vendor will add it to the stocks. If it's an exchange, vendor is responsible for the shipping fee as well as making sure it's safely packaged (and in its best condition).
  • Returned or exchanged products are to be delivered directly to the vendor’s warehouse location (as indicated on the shipping label)


Any other information that I must know?

  • Bentahan has a "No Exclusivity Policy". The same or similar products can be sold by different vendors with their respective retail price.
  • With proper notification, you are free to pull out your products at anytime.
  • Bentahan is not responsible for any claims of copyright or product infringement nor unauthorized selling or reselling by a vendor.
  • By being a vendor, you are bound by the terms of BENTAHAN VENDOR SERVICE AGREEMENT/CONTRACT
  • If you meet the requirements for sales tax, you are required to add tax to your products. You can add sales tax by editing a product’s details on the ‘Products’ tab on your Bentahan account. Bentahan does not remit sales tax to the government but only creates a summary/invoice of what a vendor is supposed to remit to the government.
  • For vendor support, you can reach out to


I am ready to apply as a Bentahan vendor, what are the steps?

Step 1: Fill out the ‘vendor registration form’ through this link or at the bottom/footer of . After receiving your registration application, Bentahan will review it. Approval is solely at the discretion of Bentahan-Canada.

Step 2: If your application is approved, access your Bentahan vendor account with the log in credentials sent to your email (If not in your inbox, check promotions or spam). You can change your password on your Bentahan vendor account (click on username to change password). You can log in thru or through You will also receive a copy of the Bentahan Vendor Service Agreement which you are to sign and send back to

Step 3: Once you are logged in, go to settings and enter details about your company, billing & invoice, warehouse, (shipping partners has been configured but you will need to fill out the shipping profile section), product details, and users & permissions, (payment integration is currently not operational; categories & commission have been configured)For digital products, you will need to upload a copy on your Bentahan vendor account on the products section. Make sure that the information provided is accurate. On your Bentahan vendor account dashboard, there is a 'seller demo video' for further setting up your account and product listings. 

Step 4: Bentahan will integrate your product shipping profile. (Digital products do not have shipping profile.)

Step 5: Bentahan will let you know when your products are ready for selling on the store.

To log in to your Bentahan vendor account:




Anong mga products ang binebenta sa BENTAHAN?

May 2 requirements: 1) hindi nabubulok at Filipino-themed products (kasama na ang mga digital products) ng isang original manufacturer/producer, authorized seller/reseller sa Canada, USA o Pilipinas; 2) ito ay maaaring i-ship sa Canada Post o katulad na carrier. (Ang mga digital products ay downloadable).

Note: 1) Ang Bentahan ay hindi liable sa anumang claim ukol sa copyright o product infringement o unauthorized selling/reselling ng isang vendor; 2) ang Filipino-themed product ay maaaring tumukoy sa mga products na popular sa mga Pilipino


Ano ang mga advantages ng pagiging isang Bentahan vendor?

  • pagkakaroon ng additional source of income sapagkat ito ay maaaring i-manage sa ‘yong free time (magtatrabaho ka lamang kung may bumili ng iyong product/s)
  • ito ay high-reward, low-risk partnership sapagkat walang membership fee o rental fee ang isang vendor sa unang taon. Mayroon lamang 20% commission sa retail price ang Bentahan sa bawat nabentang product.
  • magandang opportunity para sa mga small businesses o start ups para palakihin ang kanilang business
  • magandang opportunity para sa mga pop-up vendors (seasonal/temporary sellers) para makapagbenta ng kanilang mga products
  • ang iyong mga products ay magkakaroon ng mas malaking market reach sapagkat ang mga products ng Bentahan ay maibebenta saanman sa Canada o USA
  • mas murang alternative kumpara sa pagkakaroon ng store location


Ano’ng mangyayari kung may bumili ng aking product/s?

  • Ikaw ay makakatanggap ng notice of order sa iyong email na siya din namang nakasaad sa ‘Orders’ tab sa iyong Bentahan vendor account. Para ma-fulfill ang order, ikaw ay magla-log in sa iyong account at tutungo sa ‘Orders-New Orders’ tab at ikaw ay gagawa ng shipping label. Sa paggawa ng shipping label, siguraduhin na ang weight at dimensions ng package ay katulad ng nakasaad sa product shipping details - shipping profile. (Maaaring magkaroon ng extra fees sa Canada Post location kung ang package details ay hindi tugma sa product shipping details). 
  • Ikaw ay responsable sa safe packaging ng product at sa pagtiyak na tama ang produktong ipapadala at ito ay nasa best condition. Ang package ay dapat maipadala sa lalong madaling panahon. Sa paghanda ng package at paglagay ng shipping label, siguraduhin na hindi natakpan ang bar code ng shipping label.
  • Kapag handa na ang package, agad itong ipadala sa alinmang Canada Post location o katulad na carrier (sapagkat meron na itong shipping label) kung saan ito ay ii-scan at ila-log sa kanilang system para sa delivery.
  • Makabubuti kung makukunan ng photo ang package matapos itong tanggapin ng courier staff bilang proof of delivery. O, di kaya’y magkaroon ng receipt.
  • Sa vendor account, kailangang i-update ng vendor ang progress ng order mula sa paggawa ng shipping label hanggang sa mai-deliver ito sa customer.
  • Maaaring i-track ng customer ang package sa “Tracking Order’ tab sa Bentahan website o sa sariling website ng courier.
  • Matapos maipadala ang package, siguraduhing i-update ang quantity ng iyong product sa iyong Bentahan vendor account - Products section. 
  • Sa mga digital products, makakatanggap ang customer ng download link sa checkout page o email matapos ang matagumpay na online purchase


Paano ko matatanggap ang aking monthly payouts?

  • Sa bawat nabentang product, may 20% commission (mula sa retail price) na mapupunta sa Bentahan habang ang 80% ay mapupunta sa vendor. Sa end of the month, sa pamamagitan ng built-in invoice system, ang Bentahan ay mag-eetransfer o magpapadala ng electronic check o stripe connect transfer o international money transfer ng iyong total payouts. Halimbawa: sa isang product na may retail price na $20.00, ang $4.00 ay mapupunta sa Bentahan bilang commission habang ang $16.00 naman ay mapupunta sa vendor. Ang Bentahan ang magbabayad ng shipping fee na siya namang idadag sa invoice ng customer sa checkout. (Ang mga digital products ay walang shipping fee). Sa kabuoang order fee na $40.00 ($20.00 para sa retail price at $20.00 para sa shipping fee), ang $16.00 ay mapupunta sa vendor habang ang $24.00 naman ay mapupunta sa Bentahan. Kung ang vendor naman ay gumamit ng external carrier (hindi integrated sa Bentahan), ang 20% lamang ng retail price ang mapupunta sa Bentahan. Sa kabuoang order fee na $40.00 ($20.00 para sa retail price at $20.00 para sa shipping fee), $4.00 ang mapupunta sa Bentahan habang $36.00 naman ay mapupunta sa vendor.


Ano'ng mangyayari kung nais ng customer na ipalit o ibalik ang aking product?

  • Depende sa iyong product policy, maaari o hindi maaaring ipalit o ibalik ang iyong product
  • Ino-notify ka ng Bentahan kung mayroong request for exchange o return ng iyong product
  • Maaaring maglahad ang Bentahan ng iyong sariling return o exchange policy na mababasa at sasang-ayunan ng customer sa checkout
  • Ang customer ang magbabayad ng shipping fee ng product na nais ipalit o ibalik at tungkulin din na ang packaged product ay nasa best condition
  • Kung ito ay return, idadagdag ng vendor ito sa kanyang stocks. Kung ito naman ay exchange, ang vendor ang magbabayad sa shipping fee at tungkulin din nito na siguraduhin na ang packaged product ay nasa best condition
  • Ang product na nais ipalit o ibalik ay dapat naka-address sa warehouse location ng vendor (na nakasaad sa shipping label)


Ano pang impormasyon ang dapat kong malaman?

  • Ang Bentahan ay walang "Exclusivity Policy". Ang magkatulad o magkaparehas na product ay maaaring ibenta ng magkaibang vendor ayon sa kanilang sariling pricing
  • Sa pamamagitan ng proper notification, malayang maipu-pull out ng vendor ang kanyang mga products sa Bentahan
  • Hindi liable ang Bentahan sa anumang claim ukol sa copyright o product infringement o unauthorized selling/reselling ng isang vendor
  • Bilang isang vendor, ikaw ay dapat sumunod sa mga terms ng Bentahan Vendor Service Agreement (Contract).
  • Kapag na-meet mo ang requirements para sa sales tax, ikaw ay dapat magdagdag ng sales tax sa iyong mga products. Ang pagdagdag ng sales tax ay maaaring gawin sa iyong vendor account sa ‘Products’ tab. Ang Bentahan ay hindi nagri-remit ng iyong sales tax sa gobyerno. Ito ay gumagawa lamang ng summary/invoice ng iyong sales tax na siya namang gagamitin mo sa iyong pagbayad ng sales tax sa gobyerno.
  • Para sa vendor support, mag-email po lamang sa


Handa na akong mag-apply bilang vendor, ano ang mga steps?

Step 1: I-fill out ang 'Vendor Registration' form (sa baba ng vendor information tab) o sa footer ng Ang approval ay nakadepende sa decision ng Bentahan.

Step 2: Kapag approved ang application, i-access ang iyong Bentahan vendor account sa pamamagitan ng mga log in credentials na naipadala sa'yong email. Maaari mong palitan ang iyong password. Mag-log in sa o Ikaw din ay makakatanggap ng copy ng Bentahan Vendor Service Agreement na iyo namang pipirmahan at ipapadala sa

Step 3: Sa iyong account, pupunta ka sa settings at i-enter ang detalye ng iyong company, billing & invoice, warehouse (ang shipping partners ay naka-configure na ngunit kailangan mong gumawa ng shipping profile), product details, at users & permissions, (ang payment integration ay kasalukuyang hindi operational; ang categories & commissions ay naka-configure na). Sa digital products, kailangang i-upload ang copy sa iyong vendor account sa ‘Products’ tab. Siguraduhin na ang detalye ay tama. Sa iyong Bentahan vendor account dashboard, makikita ang 'seller demo video' na maaaring maging gabay sa pagset-up ng iyong account at mga product listings. 

Step 4: I-integrate ng Bentahan ang iyong product shipping profile. (Ang mga digital products ay walang shipping profile.)

Step 5: Ino-notify ka ng Bentahan kapag maaari nang ibenta ang iyong mga products

Para mag-log in sa Bentahan vendor account: